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The IoT presents a significant opportunity to create new business models and drive new revenue streams....

Application Development and Maintenance

Designing and developing innovative solutions is our goal....

EBiS 360 - CMMS Building Management System

Our Facility Management scheduling Application , EBiS, Helps you to create Preventive maintenance schedule and As on when required schedule on properties for various Sub – contractors.


ICSS helps companies to double their profits and respond to customer needs quickly, we help you by understanding your business processes...


ICSS help you in automating the enterprise, and speeds up transactions Across the organization.

Online Reporting Solutions

ICSS Online reporting solution using Crystal Reports makes reporting of corporate information in a faster and more flexible, giving top management...

Software / Mobile Testing

ICSS VLSI design team provides services to its customers, to ensure reliability and profitability. Reliability in the form of high quality, “first is the best ” solutions...


Web-based, easy to implement E-Learning & Assessment software to enhance your training needs...

Web Applications

ICSS helps organizations in developing a web based solution / application which enables them to achieve their Business goals in a secured and easy way...

Industry Segments

Travel and Transport companies need to keep pace with the changing business paradigms and increasingly use internet and latest technologies as business tools  Read More..>
ICSS helps Government organizations by providing solution that work there by increasing efficiency and reducing operating cost  Read More..>
ICSS has proven its expertise in banking domain by providing solution to TSNL Bank a 30 Year old bank which covers the following areas  Read More..>
ICSS with domain expertise and technology expertise helps it customers to serve better to the public, ICSS provides solutions in all areas of the Healthcare industry  Read More..>
ICSS Partner with Corporations in a strategic alliance to develop business solutions, distribute Product and offer services  Read More..>
ICSS provide Financial consultancy and IT services for the financial services firms, which helps them to plan and budget easily  Read More..>
ICSS 's solution helps retailers achieve a steady growth. there increasing customer expectations, competitive market. Retailers today are managing  Read More..>
Transportation is a major parameter in day to day activities, an effective transportation and logistics systems ensures timely shipment and delivery at the right place with low cost  Read More..>
ICSS has expertise in area like Component design,3D Modeling and CAD. Our design experts can implement industry specific packages and solutions that works for you  Read More..>

Our Features

Web Designing

A Balanced combination of creativity,technology and develop qualiy website. We ensure that your website visitors get an outstanding user experience.


The IoT presents a significant opportunity to create new business models and drive new revenue streams. We help clients take advantage of standard software and hardware components to help and accelerate the development of connected IoT solutions in various industries including Real estate ,industrial equipments, electronics, automotive and semiconductor.


Web Hosting

we provide domain registrations for clients at easily affordable rates depending on the space required. Our highly effective, hassle free system makes the task done fast. We also assist our clients while choosing names for a domain.

Mobile Application

We design and develop high-quality Android smartphone applications. This will help boost your business and keep your customers updated.



Product Development

ICSS Products is proven to be better than the other product in the market place, we offer the best product service and supports.


A tech support team can come to the aid of the software developers here. This is especially true for a software product in commercial use and used by many end users.