eBiS-360 - Enterprise Facility And Campus Management Software is a leading CMMS/FMS solution that competes with world leading products in the CAFM/FMS/CMMS space. It is a contemporary solution that works together with businesses to provide complete perspective on facilities operation by bringing together space, people, assets and maintenance into a single system.

eBiS-360 offers an environment that could provide enhanced productivity, safety, comfort, convenience and cost effective operations through seamless integration, interaction and optimization of all functional control systems in real time, seamlessly, effectively and efficiently

eBiS-360 is upgraded with HTML5 & Bootstrap enabling access via multiple devices and browsers, with improved schematics and components for enhanced user experience.

eBiS-360 not only integrates and simplifies the operation of facilities and building systems, but also links enterprise-wide connectivity, monitoring and reporting As a result, businesses and organizations can establish a completely automated, healthier, more productive and safer environments - at lesser costs and efforts.


Maintenance Management

   eBiS-360 Maintenance Management System provides Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Property Management and Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) features that facilitates the asset managers to track, maintain and manage their assets, properties, facilities equipments and get the best performance throughout their life-cycle.

Key Functions:

Asset Management
Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
Work Order Management
Job Order Management
Resource Management
Procurement Management
Space Management
Stores / Inventory Management
Property Management
Help Desk and Complaint Management
Asset Tracking with RFID, Barcodes
Stock Movement Tracking
Work order Request Approval
Configurable Work Order Approval Workflows
Administrator Module
Dashboard Notification and Alerts
Data Analytics using Charts
Customized Reports
Mobile Application for Technicians

Work Scheduling and Tracking

  Facility Maintenance Management module enables organizations to create, manage and measure corrective and preventive maintenance programs for all facilities in your portfolio. Reduce costs by efficiently managing technicians, measuring performance against SLA and identifying underperforming areas throughout all facilities through a powerful and secure web-based Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) solution.

Key Functions:

Customized Work schedule to meet your unique needs.
Automate your Daily , Weekly and yearly scheduling.
Create Customized Maintenance templates
Intuitive access for employees, technicians and PM
Compile, list and analyze data about your maintenance program
Re-Assign the schedules to different technician
Live Inspection data available all the time
Alerts and Notifications on the Admin Dashboard
Progress tracking of time and materials for work assigned to technicians
Technicians can view their schedule on a calendar, Like schedule for the day , week , month and year
Automated assignments,tasks and notifications Knowledge of future workloads and schedules for forecasting
Access to associated asset information within work orders, including documents,photos,manuals and more

Helpdesk & Complaints

   eBiS-360 Helpdesk module manages the work flow of registering, assigning and resolving of the job requests and problems reported in a facility or organization. The full history of actions taken, events, follow-ups, messages exchanged, response times and user feedback can be tracked via the system that helps in analysis and improvement of the helpdesk and call resolution functions.

Key Functions:

Register problems, job requests etc.
Priority assignment based on nature of faults
Assign, distribute, monitor
Escalation based on SLAs defined
Events & follow-ups
Raise, track and close Work Orders
Record solutions and post in knowledgebase
Call Follow-ups
Faults and solutions history
Fault History 's of the Assets and Properties
Helpdesk Call Status Dashboard
Incident/Problem/Change Management
Call response analysis with remaining, turnaround, closure time
Call booking via emails, self registration, tele-calls and BMS / BAS alarms
Exchange of information between job requestor and operator via the web portal

Asset Management & Tracking

   Asset Management and Integrity practices are critical to ensure reliability and availability of such assets while keeping maintenances costs to a minimum.

   Managing maintenance contracts becomes a daunting task-especially for enterprises with hundreds or thousands of devices purchased from multiple resellers. Keeping track of which devices are in use and where they are located can become an administrative nightmare. It's also easy to lose track of which devices are covered and which are not.

Key Functions:

Reduction in unplanned breakdown of assets
Increase in efficiency of maintenance operators
Asset Care Planning
Reliability Assurance and Analytics
Defect Elimination
Real-time Asset Tracking
Achieve Complete Accuracy
AMS Helps to Identify Ghost Assets
Allow you to Operate with more Efficiency
Forecast Spending & Budgets
User defined asset ID nomenclature
UAID generation
Asset Tagging
Assign asset to location
Inventory times reduced from days down to hour
Enhanced productivity because assets can be located almost instantaneously, and most asset management tasks can be made more efficient using RFID.

Smart Mobile Apps

   The Smart Building App for mobile devices is an essential component of the Smart Buildings of the future providing asset tracking, work order management and end-user requests management. The app also allows to control and operate all electro-mechanical systems by integrating with leading Building Automation Systems (BMS/BAS), leading to energy savings and full - fledge automation. The Module enables service technicians and managers and other users to access eBiS-36 0 via

Key Functions:

Asset tracking
Work order processing with
Inventory management
Inspection and audits
Helpdesk calls recording and processing
Record meter readings
Facility reservation & Visitor pre-registration
Track technician location via GPS
Push notifications for work order assignment
Instantly communicate new work assignments with team members
Fire, Security and other critical equipment alarms notification
Live camera access with CCTV System integration
Display of live video in case of fire/security alarms
Panic Button for raising alarms (Safety & Security) Access and update data from the field
Access Schedule and maintenance data anytime, any from internet-connected smart phones,tablets,and laptops

Jobs and Work Order Management

   eBiS-360 web-based work order tracking software provide users of all technical skill levels the ability to easily keep track of, modify, organize, and manage their maintenance workflows. The integrated camera feature also makes it possible for technicians to upload and attach images to work orders. Work orders can be submitted using the standard form on our simple request portal. As with all Hippo software, work orders can be generated, reviewed, and received using mobile devices. This eliminates the need to return to an office desktop to complete time-sensitive work.

Key Functions :

Spares Request From Technician Contractor
Spares Request Approval /Rejection
Job Order Creation upon Approval
Work Order Creation
Work Order Priority
Work Order Assigning to Technician Contractor
Work Order Evaluation
Work Order Status
Work Order Completion
Spare Request Notifications
Work Order Notifications
Work Order Status Notification
Asset Spares Usage Report
Update work orders in real-time from your desktop, tablet or mobile device

Inventory Management

   eBiS-360 Inventory management process involves having one single network for tracking parts, supplies, and other consumables in real-time with unmatched accuracy, detail , and traceability. Today's CMMC include inventory management software features and functionality to streamline this process with better quantity tracking, loss reduction, shorter order times with suppliers, reduced costs, and overall optimization of facilities management performance.

Key Functions:

Purchase Order to Supplier
Stock Inward Entry
Stock Transfer to Other Location
Material Issue to Technicians For Job or Work Order
Material Returned
GRN ( Goods Receive Intimation)
DC Return
Credit / Debit Note
Payments Entry Expenses Vouchers
Supplier Payment Pending
Receipt Entry
Payment Outstanding
Stock Inventory Management and Tracking
Multi-Site Inventory Management
Stockroom Management
Lot Control and Serialization
Stock Re-Order Level

BMS / BAS Integration

  eBiS-360 integrates seamlessly with most Building Management/Automation Systems (BMS/BAS).

Automatic Work Orders Triggering

   The alarms triggered by the BMS/BAS control systems can be captured by the Application and the work order can be generated automatically and emailed to the contractor or technician responsible to fix the same along with an SMS alert. By monitoring the equipment readings via the BMS/BAS systems, usage based preventive maintenance work orders are triggered.

Switching HVAC / Lighting

    Facility Booking module, based on scheduled meetings and user preferences, by integrating with BMS / BAS systems can trigger the lighting, air-conditioning etc at a specific time before the scheduled meeting. At the end of the meeting, ┬«after a grace period, The Application switches off the equipments automatically leading to energy conservation, automation and better user comfort.