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ICSS Products is proven to be better than the other product in the market place , we offer the best product service and supports.

Some of our Products Include:

    Our Facility Management scheduling Application , iBiS, Helps you to create Preventive maintenance schedule and As on when required schedule on properties for various Sub – contractors. It takes various factors into account, like the trade specialization , Properties mapped to a Sub – contractor and zones.

    You can create schedule based on frequencies like Daily, Weekly , Bi-Weekly , Fortnightly, Monthly ,Bi- Monthly , Quarterly , Half early , Annually and on Urgent Basis.

    The Mobile Application Helps the technicians to see all the maintenance schedule for the day and the future schedules. The Technician captures the Before and After photos of the defects and keys in the input parameter values for various assets in the building which automatically sync to the web server . And the management staff can view the updates of the schedule and the Technician inputs, comments and Photos of the defect.

Dynamic Work scheduling

    The Admin can create his own inputs which has to be captured other than the standard inputs for the maintenance schedule . So The scheduling can be customized to capture various Parameters of the Assets in the facility.

    The input parameters created by the admin manager will be available in the Mobile App for the technicians to capture.

Interactive daily schedule

    Instantly see who is Assigned when and for how long.
    Re-Assign the schedules to different technician (in case of leave) / or different date.

Weekly and monthly views

    These views are useful when you need a broader view of your schedule.
    You can view the schedules created even for coming month and years .

Dispatch Mate ver 1.1

Cold Room - Temperature Monitor and Control System.

Building Management System.

Gas Flow and Monitor Control.

Asset Tracking System.

Diesel Generator Monitoring System.

Smart Data Logger.

Smart Sense

Solar Remote Monitoring.

Wearable Remote Information System.

Attender Calling System.


iCore - Planning and Production

SISpro - School / Campus Management

My Skill Report - E-Learning & Assesment engine

iCOMP - Complaint Management System (Mobile APP)

Case Master - Case Management

eRx - e-Prescription System ( U.S Only)

iESS - Employee Self Service Portal

Adven - Print Media Management - ERP

BookforParty - Web Portal

DealzToday - Web Portal

TMS - Travel Management Portal

CMS - Circulation Management System (NewsPaper)